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With our expertise in the engineering sector, Hureca helps you build your teams. We help you will find professionals for each stage of your project.


The most understimated steps in the staffing process is without a doubt taking references and validation of applicant's criminal records. It is better to avoid unpleasant surprises !

But what to do, where to start, who should I talk to ?

In many cases, taking references and this, when the employer takes the time to do so, is limited to contacting previous employers or contacting references provided by the candidates themselves. In both cases, people are sometimes difficult to reach, the process stretches and ultimately the value of references is sometimes highly questionable. In addition, it takes time ! All of this, only to realize that the person hired does not meet the desired standards.

Why not have us take the time to confirm your choice, and avoid the negative impacts of a precipitated choice.

It is our responsibility to help you in reference validations, background and criminal record checks for candidates of your choice.

No time for it ? ... Our team of experts do it for you !